Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Woohoo I have been busy with my Octave, playing in church three times a month,  and at Opportunity to Worship at one of the Aged Homes, all playing along with Barry  as we are the only instruments. I am now joining him at our regular Aged Care concerts. It is nice when people comment that the instrument has a lovely sound. We also run a Strumalong group twice a month with about thirty participants.  Just started practising three numbers for the St Patricks Day morning tea concert in for the local hospital. About 12 of our members are also in the St Marks Choir which is putting the concert on.

Our Strumalong group is vaguely based on a ukulele group we attended while it was in existence at Lismore a few years ago, except all stringed instruments are welcome, and we have a violin, guitars, mandolins, banjo, as well as a number of ukuleles, and also people who join in by singing.

I also bought my LAST instrument, a Cordoba baritone ukulele, and it has the best sound of a ukulele that I have heard.  I am just using it at home and amusing myself picking.  I am still using tab, though I am working towards reading the notes.  There aren't many songs tabbed for baritone ukulele on the internet, but if the tune doesn't go below "middle D" for want of a better description, I can use the guitar tabbed songs as the strings are the same as the first four strings on the guitar.