Monday, 18 August 2014


Here is an online chord chart. Of course it is a beginner chart. See the little crosses indicating that string is not played.
Lets look at the C Chord. The notes that make up the C Chord are 1 - 3 - 5 = C - E - G.
The open notes are G D A E.  The chart above tells us to play E and C, and not the open strings G and E which are part of the chord. I don't understand the thinking of whoever prepared and approved the above chart..

 If we strum the four strings we are playing G E C and E, (4th to 1st string) all notes that make up the C Chord.  A much fuller sound  and to my liking.

A Chord. The notes are A C# and E.  What does the chord chart say? Play C# and  a high A.
My A chord  is  A on 4th string E on third string, C# on second string and open first string  = E, easily doable and a rich sound. And so it goes on, I've made up my own chord chart and Barry has helped me check them all, playing the chords on the guitar along with me.

We played several songs from including Beautiful Isle of Somewhere and In the Garden (I come to the garden alone), last night, very clearly set out.

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