Saturday, 31 January 2015


Woohoo.... I love my mandolins!  We had a trip to Sydney and I have the one from ebay, such a sweet sounding soprano instrument, and I also traded in the Kentucky on a Trinity College octave mandolin, and it is my main instrument now.

It is my first public outing with the Octave today with Lynn and Barry at the Uniting Church.  It went well at the practice on Friday. I love its bass-y sound.

Love and Blessings.


  1. Hello Jan, I was browsing through the list of Australian bloggers and found yours on someone's sidebar. I'm also a mandolin geek so of course your blog name caught my interest!!
    Everybody talks so well about the Trinity College octave mandolins but I've never played one. I have a Gypsy octave mandolin that I got in exchange for an Irish bouzouki/cittern/whatever. It needs a little more love than it gets right now but it's a lovely instrument.

  2. Hello Susanne, thank you for calling in and your comment. I love my new mandolin. I went over to your sites, and find them very interesting, and look forward to following your journey.
    All the best.


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